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Care To Listen? Listen Like You Care. (#1026)
"You need help" is, in my experience, the most fiery Parthian shot you can launch at someone in need. After baring my soul to someone, if they take a couple stabs at obvious quick fixes and then try to change the topic with "you need help", it's the same as saying "I no longer care." Therapeutic "help" is always a known option, and it has its merits. But that caliber of analysis isn't what I'm seeking from friends. I'm not expecting a fix, I'm not expecting to learn universal truths or mind-blowing inner secrets. I'm usually just hoping for a sympathetic soul and a promise that despite my ever-growing list of flaws said friend isn't going to abandon me. Instead, "you need help" puts that person with one foot out the door, ready to run because they're clearly uncomfortable that they've bit off more than they can chew.

Care To Listen? Listen Like You Care. (#1026)

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