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I should have feeds pimping me out to tumblr, facebook, twitter, and G+. Please let me know if any of these break down! And like/follow me on all of them! Your love means nothing, but your links are a social commodity worth at least a couple pennies. (+)
All Caught Up!
I think this gets us up to speed and re-launched with all of the main story arcs. Victorious! (+)
What we need..
This strip is huge. We need a way to highlight stories and characters in a digestible format.
Wiki? Yes? Any other ideas?
Hey guys!
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A plot point worth mention..
^The has asked whether the real-world time gap factors into the story. Nope. But please flex your continuity so that the story is happening "now" and not five years ago. (+)
Don't Pretend You Haven't (#957)
Last week at the bar with a friend we discussed the dimorphism of bartender shirts. The male shirts were standard, if a bit short-sleeved to show off biceps, while the female shirts were shamelessly scoop-necked. Obviously, sex appeal yields better tips. And while that's maybe a bit offensive and sexist and could create an uncomfortable workplace, it's a well-known secret. It's all part of "the game."
When I go to a bar I lug a giant book with me and make rare smalltalk with bartenders. Being recognized and greeted with a smile is a huge part of making a place feel comfortable, ensuring my return to spend yet more money. While I try not to be made victim of the cleavage trap, a female bartender being extra-friendly or a little flirty does resonate in some reptilian portion of my brain and incite me to buy more beer/come back again. I'm just a man, after all, and reptiles are hard to reason with! But this puts me at a crux when I want to talk "business" about beer with a female bartender. On one hand, when I start namedropping breweries and asking technical questions it might seem like I'm peacocking. But on the other, I recognize and respect that they know just as much as their male colleagues, it's professionally insulting to shy away/tone things down on account of the gender of the tender. So what's to do? Breathe deep, keep quiet, dive back into my book. Never talk to anybody.
The bottom line of the story is: Don't hit on female bartenders, guys. They're not as interested in you as your alcohol-addled brain thinks. Even if they're friendly, even if they buy you a round, even if they talk to you more than most. That's "the game." And never, never, never try to buy their affections with tips.

Don't Pretend You Haven't (#957)

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