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We're Nearing 1k!
I plan to celebrate, even if it's not "legit". I mean, I MADE 1000 comics. Not all of them survived, but it's a milestone nonetheless. (+)
I'm still here!
I have been writing, but haven't had the time to sit down and draw. Don't worry, comics are still forthcoming! (+)
So long, PW
PW refuses to list my ad space because I don't get enough hits. Yet PW does nothing to get me additional hits. So long adbox, you were useless when I installed you and you're useless now. (+)
Going Social!
I should have feeds pimping me out to tumblr, facebook, twitter, and G+. Please let me know if any of these break down! And like/follow me on all of them! Your love means nothing, but your links are a social commodity worth at least a couple pennies. (+)
All Caught Up!
I think this gets us up to speed and re-launched with all of the main story arcs. Victorious! (+)
Please, No Meat Touching Ma'am! (#1008)
Water into wine is a neat trick. Body into bread? Also pretty cool. But potato to potato? Never been done. Just sayin'. I mean, it's been done one way, but never the other. It defies potatentropy.
I imagine that watching Bizarro Jesus work any sort of miracle inspires both awe and fear - like a baby with a loaded pistol.

Reanimating the meat of a hot dog would be misery. You'd end up with a chimera of animals, a freak of nature that is somehow intelligent enough to beg for death. Yet, being so full of nitrates, it could not be killed. Instead it must spend the rest of days shambling the earth wailing its sad song and longing for the end.

Please, No Meat Touching Ma'am! (#1008)

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