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We're Nearing 1k!
I plan to celebrate, even if it's not "legit". I mean, I MADE 1000 comics. Not all of them survived, but it's a milestone nonetheless. (+)
I'm still here!
I have been writing, but haven't had the time to sit down and draw. Don't worry, comics are still forthcoming! (+)
So long, PW
PW refuses to list my ad space because I don't get enough hits. Yet PW does nothing to get me additional hits. So long adbox, you were useless when I installed you and you're useless now. (+)
Going Social!
I should have feeds pimping me out to tumblr, facebook, twitter, and G+. Please let me know if any of these break down! And like/follow me on all of them! Your love means nothing, but your links are a social commodity worth at least a couple pennies. (+)
All Caught Up!
I think this gets us up to speed and re-launched with all of the main story arcs. Victorious! (+)
Feelmares (#1003)
After a significant loss, the day-to-day adapts amazingly quickly. Once you get past the moping and find the motivation to get out of bed and get back into a productive rhythm, the days pass easy. But there are always hurdles, punctuations: finding a token, a passing anniversary. For me, the worst hurdle are something I call "feelmares" - dreams which put me in a nostalgic status-quo. I can lie to myself and others and pretend that I've moved on, but my subconscious knows that all I REALLY want is a one-way ticket to the past and a license to undo my mistakes.
Bit Trivia: Steve Perry's full name is Stephen Ray Perry.

Feelmares (#1003)

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